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Delaware Indian names~eastern Pa Places

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Named after Delaware Indians Listed Place Names pertain to locations in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Catasauqua-Derived from the Indian term Gottoshacki meaning the earth thirsts. Catasauqua is a town in Northampton county Pennsylvania which was once the home of the Delaware Indians.

Delaware River-Lenapehanna,a main thoroughfare. Hanna means river. The Lenapehanna was changed to the Delaware River to honor Lord De la Ware, who promoted settlement in the area now known as the state of delaware, and the Lenape became known as the Delawares.

Hokendauqua-A town in Lehigh County Pennsylvania.The name was derived from Hachiundochure signifying searching for land.The village was called Hockyondocquay in the 1700's.There is also a Hokendauqua Creek.The creek runs under the kreidersville Covered Bridge in Kreidersville,PA in Northampton County.

Lehigh River-Named by Delaware Indians as Lechaume (Lechaweki, Lechauwiechicuk,lechauwekink, Lechaweing), meaning where there are forks,or the fork of the road.The Lehigh River was originally called the West Branch of the Delaware.

Lehigh Township-In the 1700's the inhabitants requested that the court name the township Seimsy in honor of a Delaware Indian named Seim.Seim was a Moravian convert.

Lehigh Valley-From the Indian name Lecha Thai.

Mauch Chunk-Means Bear Mountain.

Moshanna-Means the elk stream.

Munsee-Means people from Minisink(the stony country).It is also a dialect of the Delaware Indians.Munsee was often spoken by Delaware Indians living in the lands of the lower Hudson River and upper Delaware River area.Munsee Indians were the Wolf clan of the Delaware Indian tribe. White settlers drove them from the Delaware River region around 1740.The Munsee moved on and set up bark covered longhouses along the Susquehanna River.

Tamaqua-The beaver.

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